• I will work to cut unnecessary government spending, reduce government waste, and hold your government accountable. 
  • I have already signed a NO NEW TAX pledge because I believe that your money belongs in your wallet, not in the hands of government bureaucrats.
  • I will work to expand school choice and give parents control over their children’s education. 
  • We cannot allow the future of our children to be a political talking point, we must act to give our children the future they deserve.
  • I will provide first responders with the tools and support they need to keep Nevada safe. 
  • I understand firsthand the damage caused by underfunding these vital public services. I served 6 years active duty in the Army before transitioning to the National Guard, I was a Sheriff’s Deputy for 4 years, have been a firefighter for over 19 years, and come from a family with four generations of service in law-enforcement
  • I strongly support the second amendment, and as your next State Assemblyman, I will fight to protect your constitutional rights. 
  • The 2nd amendment must be protected. The right to responsible gun ownership ensures that Americans can protect themselves and their families.
  • I will work within the state of Nevada and with our national partners to protect our Nation. I will put your safety and the safety of Nevada first. 
  • The drug cartels and smugglers are taking advantage of our partisan bickering and inaction. We can no longer allow our southern border to be left unprotected.
  • I will work to pass legislation to make healthcare more competitive, driving down costs for Nevada families. 
  • You shouldn’t be forced into poorly run government healthcare and you shouldn’t be forced to pay higher taxes because liberals want control over your health care. We must stop this socialist incursion into our healthcare system.

Alan Bigelow Assembly 5

Alan Bigelow arrived in Las Vegas in 1963 as an 8-month-old cheerful baby of an Air Force Veteran and his wife. His home was walking distance to McCarran Airport, the jet fuel storage tanks as you enter the airport now sit on that very spot.

As Alan’s father’s career grew, Bigelow moved around Las Vegas and that meant going to different schools including Robert E Lake, Eldorado High School and Valley High. After graduating from high school, Alan Bigelow entered the United States Army which afforded him the opportunity to travel and meet new people. Alan learned that true leaders do not have egos and are typically very humble.

During Alan’s time in the service to this country, he served during 5 different conflicts and each time met someone from that country that was not who the media had portrayed them to be. Most were hard-working people that were begging for a chance to live the life that most of us take for granted. After 6 years of active service, Bigelow transitioned to the National Guard and was able to round out his career with new challenges as well as develop young soldiers into great leaders. While a Guardsman, Alan was introduced to the field of emergency services. Which made him able to work as a Deputy Sheriff for 4 years and become a certified K9 officer and then finally transition to the Fire service where he is currently able to help those in need.

Alan Bigelow is blessed with four children and four grandchildren as well as a golden doodle that is full of personality! His children inspire him every day and amaze him with their hope and desire for a future that is both fulfilling and exciting. Alan is proud of all that they have done with their lives as parents and hardworking individuals.

Alan Bigelow believes in living debt-free as much as possible and finds that keeping to a budget is a blessing and not a curse. The freedom of knowing that you can accomplish a life of less stress and financial freedom is one that he freely shares. The one thing that he wants to stress is that this is not about his wants, he is not seeking any glory or praise for doing the job he is elected to do. It’s about the people of Nevada and making our state Great again after a crippling Pandemic and the moratoriums that have created the life we currently see.


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